Kung Fu Panda : Masters of Awesomeness

Posted on Mar 18, 2014

Kung Fu Panda : Masters of Awesomeness

Kung Fu Panda : Masters of Awesomeness is a beat’m all on tablet made within less than two weeks by 10 students in association with Gameloft.

Kung Fu Panda Masters Of awesomeness from Julie Anselm on Vimeo.


My Roles :

– Lead Game Designer

I took care of a team of four game designers. I led the brainstorming and game design meetings. I listed tasks, problems or reflections to have and prioritized them. I checked documentations produced by our little team. I communicated with the other poles. I wrote transmedia document, navigation between levels document and the game design document.

The Project :

This project was designed with three constraints : a 3D cartoon artistic direction, no virtual pad or buttons, and add a transmedia connection. To combine the cartoon aspect with the no-buttons constraint, we decided to go on gadgets jokes, the fact that you never know what kind of things Toon will put off of his pocket. For that, we designed a system, based on gesture, to invoke a type of weapons :

KungFu_gestesarmesThe player has to realise the glyph on parchment to invoke the corresponding weapon.

Like that, the player controls the type of weapon that he will give to his avatar face to a particular situation BUT the avatar can receive a weapon from three classes :


You guess that the Epic Win weapon makes more damage than the Epic Normal weapon which makes more damage than the Epic Fail weapon. The player can change his weapon when he wants, he just has to wait a cooldown after change.
Each weapons own its proper special attacks. The player can launch a special attack when he fights enough with his current weapon to fill a gauge. The special attacks of Epic Fail weapons are stronger than special attacks of Epic Normal weapons which are stronger thant special attacks of Epic Win weapons. In this way, the player who has fought keeping a weaker weapon, so who takes more risks, he is rewarded with the power of its special attack.

For the other touch gestures, to move or to attack ennemies, we keep it simple :



For the transmedia part :

We received this constraint a little bit later in the first week. Like our artistic direction had already started in an asiatic universe with animal characters and that we guided our game mood on « WTF » situations, the Kung Fu Panda serie seemed to fit perfectly with all this intentions. We created some interactions og :

– the animated cartoon to the game : quizz on the daily episode to win special equipment announced in a teaser at the end of the episode, kameos, to win VOD when the player finishes completely a town, …

– the game to the animated cartoon : pop-up to inform of the beginning of an episode, a lottery ticket found or bought in the game with the result at the end of an episode, shared events (on important moments like Thanksgiving or summer holidays) with a little sequence which depends of the players choice in game, …

– the game to the franchise : tournament where the player pay an entrance but win a merchandising product, relation with other existing games like the reader of comics (with stories about all the new master of our game which can be unblocked), …

It’s just an overview of our reflections if you want more, you can take a look to our Game Design Documents here.

The Prototype

You can try it online here

Some things to know before :

– You can only invoke Close Combat Weapon (Z glyph) and Special attack (6 glyph)

– The O glyph returns to the first screen

– The values were set for a presentation, so you will hit with a big strength 🙂


Some Visuals :



Characters :





Software :

– Google Tools

– Microsoft PowerPoint

– Illustrator

– YeD

– Unity