Nänn’s Tales – ImagineCup 2014

Posted on Avr 15, 2014

Nänn’s Tales – ImagineCup 2014

Nänn’s Tales is a project created for ImagineCup 2014 with three others Supinfogame students. We passed the first selection and went to Microsoft office in Paris to continue the adventure.

This is the video that we sent for the first selection :

ImagineCup 2014 – Nänn’s Tale Presentation by the Barbarian Cookie Team from Julie Anselm on Vimeo.


My Role :

– Programmer
– Game Designer
– Story Writer

For the first time I was the programmer on a project thought to be designed on Unity. I was also the second game designer even if the programmation took a lot of my time. I created the base of the story and made a benchmark to analyse our « contenders » and their games.


The Project :

Nänn’s Tale is a dynamic family video game. This is a first version of our idea :

(Pick the corner to turn the page)

The project changed a lot during the production to obtain a real target and a purpose associates to it : We wanted to create a game where the parent and his toddler (3 to 5 years old) can play together. Basically the grown up reads a story and the toddler does some interactions or games. The actions made in the game by the child change a little bit the story or create a comment that the adult can read at loud.
teamAfter some researches, we defined basic exercises or themes that are good for children : The motricity, the form associations, the color associations, to count… And the other important thing to think is that the child can not lose. He has basic things to do on the tablet : to make a drag and drop, to make a tap or multiple taps, on fix or mobile elements, … We wanted to add « double interactions » where the child and the parent need to do things together to succeed an event. There was also the idea of things to do outside the game like to clap in their hands when they see aurora borealis for example.


We decided to develop our game on tablets because, thanks to their special sizes, you can play comfortably alone or in family on the couch. The story is important in our game to keep the interest of all family members. We chose to introduce real norse mythological elements with a touch of humor.


The Prototype Here


Software :

– Unity
– Visual Studio
– Google Tools