Posted on Juin 16, 2013


Cooperative game produced with 5 others Supinfogame students in a week.

My Roles :

– Game/Level Designer

– Graphic Artist

We all participated to the original idea, after that I was in charge of game graphisms with an other student. I also created four level designs and I took care of the soundscape.

The Project :

Osmina is a two-player co-op game where you and your partner will journey through a colorful world in search of one another. Each player controls a single avatar, but watch out! There will be times where you’ll have to fuse together and take control of one shared avatar. Play through more than a dozen levels full of doors, special zones and collectibles which will challenge your coordination. Catch all the collectibles to unlock additional backgrounds and levels full of references to classic videogames and navigate together through some of your favorite classics!


On kongregate

Software :

– Adobe Flash

– Tiled

– Adobe Illustrator

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